NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard)

For the most up-to-date information on NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Access Centers) in Florida go to

Hernando County DRMs (Digital Rights Managers)

Caitlin DiCristofalo
Susan Gemmati
Cassandra Hall
Christina Dancsak
Darla Croft


NIMAS Procedures to Secure Materials for Qualifying ESE Students

The School-based ESE case manager must gather the following information:

1. The most current IEP highlighting the NIMAS needs – include:
aaaa. present level
aaab. accommodations
aaac. goals – if the student needs instruction in the specialized format
aaad. supports and testing
*Please read this document to determine what should be in the IEP!
2. Physician Certification form (if the student has a reading disability)
3. Qualifying Professional form (signed by the program/staffing specialist)
4. Student Registration form

5. Student schedule with names of all teachers/subjects
6. List of all student core instructional material text books with ISBN numbers.
Include a Xeroxed copy of the back cover of the book. (Be sure the books are student edition, NOT teacher edition.)

NIMAS PowerPoint for ATCs

Who Can Access NIMAS files? A quick reference chart:

Role of the IEP team

Forms you might need for NIMAS:

NIMAS qualifying documentation

Physician Certification for Organic Reading disability

School-based ATCs or other ESE staff complete this form and send to DRM to order NIMAS materials.

Districts should be very aware of the doctrine of “fair use” as it is found in the U.S. Copyright
Law. The safest course of action is always to get permission from the copyright owner before
using/altering copyrighted material. The link for information on “fair use” can be found at