Every Move Counts

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Sensory-Based Approach:
Communication and Assistive Technology
Jane Edgar Korsten, MS/SLP
Terry Vernon Foss, M. Ed.
Lisa Mayer Berry, OTR/L

“Everyone communicates in some way. It is our challenge to recognize and respond to that communication”. That is the message from the authors of the assessment who have worked for more than twenty years with clients who have severe and profound multiple disabilities.

Based on evidence that, without sensory stimulation, children may not develop the cognitive prerequisites for communication, the “Every Move Counts” program presents sensory-based activities in a framework that encourages communication. The Sensory Response Assessment identifies sensory activities a client enjoys and how that enjoyment is communicated. The client’s natural response then becomes a means to request these preferred activities. As the individual moves trough the four levels of the program, the basic response is defined, refined and expanded into a more functional communication system.

Every Move Counts addresses the needs of individuals, regardless of age, who are perceived as having “severe and profound sensory-motor differences”. An individual needs to understand the world around them before they can recognize their role in the environment. This understanding begins with integrating sensory information. Communication can develop more efficiently once the sensory pieces are in place.