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Accommodations for Florida's Statewide Student Assessments

Florida Standards Assessment

5 Week Tracking Form

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Accommodations Tracking Forms - Hernando Co. Teacher Developed

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MTSS - Document
What Is “Special” About Special Education?

Accommodations, CBT and RWG August 12, 2014 Resources


Florida Standards Assessment

Accommodations, CBT and RWG June 9, 2014 Resources



SETT (Student Environment Task and Tools) Framework

Selecting Accommodations: A Guide for IEP teams


Guide to Accommodations for Computer-Based FCAT, FCAT 2.0 and EOC Assessments

Practice Assessment Tools

Getting Ready for Computer-Based Testing

This purpose of this document is to assist teachers in providing practice using existing technology resources during instruction.

Accessible Educational Materials Explorer
If you are not sure what a student needs, download the free AEM explorer tool from
and try out some accommodations.

MTSS Technology and Learning Resources


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CPALMS has updated their website to make it easier to find Access Points/Common Core Connectors:



2012 - 2013

Florida DOE Publications

Accommodations: Assisting Students with Disabilities:

Statewide Assessment Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

There are 3 publications available for download. Be sure to download this document:
Guide to Accommodations for Computer-Based FCAT, FCAT 2.0, and EOC Assessments

Florida DOE FCAT 2.0 Information

Practice Sessions

Before students can be tested using the computer-based test, they must participate
in a practice session to learn how to use the computer-based system (FDOE, 2012a,
2012b). The practice session is designed to prepare students for the testing and will
familiarize them with the login system and the process for responding to questions on
the computer. Students and school personnel can access CBT practice tests for both the
regular test (TestNav) and the accommodated test forms (TestHear) via ePAT links at
Practice session scripts and instructions will also be posted under the Resources tab at

Getting Ready for Computer-Based Testing

This purpose of this document is to assist teachers in providing practice using existing technology resources during instruction.

Revised 2/7/2013

Reading & Study Digital Tools

This document was developed by Technology and Learning Connections. It is an excellent guide to using several different software platforms to practice skills for Computer-Based Testing.

Professional Development - Florida's CPALMS

CPALMS is the official site of Florida's standards, course descriptions, and resources. It now offers Professional Development modules.
One of the modules is Accommodations for FCAT, FCAT 2.0, and EOC Assessments.

This PowerPoint has been developed to provide you with instructions to use CPALMS to learn more about Accommodations for FCAT, FCAT 2.0, and EOC Assessments.
The purpose of the course is to provide information about the use of accommodations by students with disabilities in state and district testing programs, including the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test® (FCAT), FCAT 2.0, and End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments. The target audience for this course includes educators, family members, and other professionals who work with students with disabilities. This module is worth 5 inservice component points.

Download the PowerPoint and select Slide Show view. The slides are narrated and will automatically advance.

This is a handout of the presentation for you to refer to while navigating the CPALMS website.



Spring 2011 Computer-Based Test Accommodated ePATs Guide

This document includes download instructions and a practice session script for the accommodated FCAT Reading Retake & Grade 10/Retake FCAT Mathematics ePAT (the guide does not contain a script for Algebra 1) to help schools make appropriate accommodation decisions for students. The instructions and script will also be provided in a full-length Spring 2011 CBT Accommodations Guide that will be posted in February. This guide will also include setup instructions and scripts for accommodated forms of operational assessments.

Electronic Assessment Practice Tools
School personnel should allow eligible students to practice using the accommodated forms to determine whether students can appropriately access the computer-based tests according to the accommodations indicated on their IEPs or Section 504 plans. Practice should occur as soon as possible so that the appropriate test delivery mode (computer-based or paper-based) can be indicated for these students in your PreID file. Please advise school and district staff involved in making these decisions that paper-based accommodations should be selected only for those students who require them.

Steps for Updating/Creating User Accounts in Pearson Access

Memo from Bambi Lockman, Jan. 20, 2011

Subject: Spring 2011 PreID file for selection of paper-based or computer-based test delivery.

Except from the memo

The following considerations should guide decision-making regarding computer-based or paper-based test delivery. If the following conditions apply, a student must participate in testing using paper-based test materials:
-The student cannot access assessments on the computer
-The student requires an accommodation that cannot be implemented in conjunction with a computer-based administration (e.g., the student requires a specialized setting or uses aaa adaptive furniture that cannot accommodate a computer workstation)
-The student requires an accommodated CBT form that is not available
-The student has a flexible scheduling/extended tine accommodation that requires testing one session over more than one day
-The student is hospital/homebound
In order to receive paper-based test materials for any CBT administration a paper-based testing requirement or one or more of the above conditions should be indicated as an accommodation on the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan.


Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities

Accommodations Manuals - DOE

"Accommodations: Assisting Students with Disabilities"

"Guide to FCAT and FCAT 2.0 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities"

DOE memo Oct. 2010 regarding computer-based testing (CBT) accommodations

TAP - Testing SWD July 2010