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Every teacher has a “bag of tricks” for adapting their curriculum for their students, especially those who have varying exceptionalities in one classroom. This dictionary was created to add to every teacher’s “MTSS Toolkit.” It will provide suggestions on how to adapt several everyday classroom actions and activities for students with accommodations and better deliver curriculum to the entire class. The suggestions were added with a low budget in mind, and reflect what is available for use in the Hernando County School District. Many of the possible solutions also provide ample opportunity to increase a student’s communication and participation in everyday classroom activities.

Please feel free to experiment with these tools and share them with other teachers. Also, please share your ideas and/or stories with the AT Team so we can better customize this dictionary in the future. We are very interested in on how these solutions work “in the trenches!”

*TENTATIVE* Schedule for 2017 (subject to change)

8/8/17 - AT Dictionary: Solutions for Every Classroom pre-week training (location TBD)

9/27/17 - AT Dictionary Half-Day Training at CHS



Forms Included in the Appendix

HCSB System Trial Form

Five Week Tech Tracking Form

AT Summary Form

MTSS Data Tracking Form